Vodka Belvedere Unfiltered
Polmos ZyrardOw
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"The Whiskey Drinker's Vodka"
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"The Whiskey Drinker's Vodka" Distilled from Dankowskie Diamond Rye, a single-estate baker's grade grain grown on one select Polish farm, Belvedere Unfiltered is vodka at its smoothest and most distinctive. This full-bodied, elegant creation is a celebration of Diamond Rye; distilled four times and then left unfiltered in order to heighten the expression of the rye. This results in a silky soft texture and elegant mouth feel. Creating exceptional vodka is having the confidence to know when to take a step back and allow the craftsmanship of each element to shine.
Nose: Intense aromas of sea air, baked bread and toasted nuts.
Palate: Full but mellow with initial impressions of salted caramel, freshly baked bread and a touch of honey. Mid-palate evolves into fresh minerality with some stone and flint characteristics. Back palate is refreshed with delicate notes of sea salt and a hint of white pepper. Mouth-feel is rich, well rounded and luscious.
Finish: Long and salty/sweet. Notes of baked bread, vanilla and cream.
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Polmos ZyrardOw
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