Three Cents Aegean Tonic 200ml
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Ελαφρύ και δροσιστικό σαν την θαλασσινή αύρα, το Three Cents Aegean Tonic είναι ιδανικό για να αναζωογονήσει τα ποτά και τα cocktails σας
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Περιγραφή προϊόντος
A pleasant revitalizing tonic water made by high quality natural quinine, cucumber, basil and other herbs, spices and citruses from the Greek land. 

In order to enhance the flavor of their tonic with the spirit of the Mediterranean Three Cents came up with a truly authentic product. Three cents Adegean tonic is light and refreshing as the sea breeze.

Three cents Adegean tonic captures the Aegean in a glass. Try this premium artisanal tonic water with gin, Campari, tequila or Greek mastiha liquor and embrace the spirit and bliss of the Mediterranean.
The label with the drawing of the dolphin reflects its playful and spirited character.
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