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Our first love. The original MARTINI®, conjured under the inspired nose of Luigi Rossi. Since the sun-blushed days of 1863, a devoted selection of regional herbs are at its heart, and natural caramel imparts its rich scarlet hue. An icon di Italia.
Περιγραφή προϊόντος
Περιγραφή προϊόντος

MARTINI ROSSO & TONIC: Created in the 1970s to modernise Luigi Rossi’s original recipe into a refreshing long drink. Aromatic herbs spring to life with the addition of sparkling tonic water, while an orange wheel enlivens its fruited notes of lemon and raspberry. Light, fresh and comparatively low in alcohol - a long, cool drink to be enjoyed as day moves into night.

Botanical harmony: Rosso sings with a secret blend of botanicals from native and foreign soils. Artemisia is a crucial ingredient, and it continues to grow and be harvested just a few miles south of our home in Pessione.

Wine & Botanicals: Vermouth cannot be one without the other. Together, they barrage the senses with taste, aroma, texture and colour. Our vermouths blend Trebbiano wine from Emilia Romagna, and Catarratto wine from Sicily, to which we apply our botanical mastery. Aromatic herbs, fragrant fruit, exotic woods and captivating spices combine in different amounts and formations to produce ‘dry-blends’. The interaction between these herbs in the extraction process creates a unique flavour for each MARTINI® expression.

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