Rum The Real Mccoy Blended Aged 3 Years
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Rum The Real Mccoy Blended Aged 3 Years: the white nectar of Barbados exudes aromas of tropical fruits and takes you to the Caribbean!
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The Real Mccoy rum takes its name from Bill McCoy, the pioneer rum trader during the Prohibition era. In 1920, McCoy filled a boat with liquor in the Caribbean, drove it to New York City and operated it as a floating liquor store three miles off the coast, which was the border to which Prohibition applied!

McCoy became famous because of the purity of his rum, since his principle was to never make adulterated, unlike most alcohol dealers of the time. 

In today's world, Bailey Pryor, founder of Real McCoy, continuing on the path blazed by Bill McCoy, produces a pure rum with no added sweeteners, flavors or chemical stabilizers - while using only the finest molasses combined with pure spring water from the Barbados Islands. The rum is distilled in small batches in a rare combination of stills and then aged in American oak bourbon barrels for 3, 5 or 12 years.

Rum The Real Mccoy Blended Aged 3 Years

Nose: Aromas of fresh and candied fruits, such as banana, mango and blackberry, with hints of vanilla and floral notes

Taste: sweet fruit flavours accompanied by vanilla and sweet spices are perfectly balanced with a sense of cream and chantilly. 

Aftertaste: The finish is long and enjoyable. 

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