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Captain Morgan is a rum that reflects the true taste of the Caribbean!
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Product description

Captain Morgan is a rum that embodies the spirit of those backstreet tavern parties. It's a blended rum coming from Jamaica, Guyana & Barbados. It ages in oak barrels and has a deep, dark color and characteristic rich flavor. Enjoy it on ice, with ginger ale or in cocktails!

Nose: Strong aromas of spices, vanilla and nuts

Palate: Full body with an ntensely deep complexity of flavours. Chocolate, tobacco, toffee, nuts and rasins are some of the main flavours of this rum. The oak gives a rounder character and an elegant vanilla favour

Aftertaste: Very long with a sweetness from the flavours of chocolate and vanilla with spicy notes and a smoky finish from the oak.

"Captain Morgan & Ginger Ale"
1 Part Captain Morgan Rum
3 Parts Ginger Ale Three Cents
1 wedge of Lime
Fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Pour the Captain Morgan Rum and 125ml the ginger ale into the glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

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Captain Morgan Rum Company
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