Liqueur Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto
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Made from authentic Italian Bergamot and selected native Italian botanicals, the sip of Italy, SALUTE!
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Product description

The Italicus of Giussepe Gallo is wedded to the historic origin of Rosalio and is based on a recipe that dated back to the end of 1800 and renews this forgotten category. Dominant notes of bergamot, cedar and chamomile are combined in a premium designated bottle that represents the history and the heritage of high class areas of Italy, giving another perspective on the famous category of Aperitivo cocktails.The ingredients are 100% Italian, talking the best of different areas: Bergamot from Calabria, cedar from Sicily, roman chamomile from Tuscany, levander, gentian, yellow roses and Melissa balm from Piemonte.

Tasting notes: Italicus is lightly citrusy on the nose with hints of rose and levander. On the palate, fresh tones of ripe citrus fruits are balanced with a ligth bitter and floral spice before giving way to a complex and long lasting finish.

Enjoy: To enhance the delicate flavours of the botanicals, Italicus is best enjoyed 50/50 with Prosecco over ice and garnished with 3 green olives to balance the floral aromas with a touch of saltiness.

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