Gin Tanqueray Ten
Charles Tanqueray
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One Gin like no other!
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Product description

Since its presentation, Ten has been crowned three times consecutively under the title "Best White Spirit" at the World Spirits competition in San Francisco, where he retired from the competition to be included in the Hall of Fame, where he remains the only white spirit. The T- 10 owes its name to the world's smallest retort called Tiny Ten, but there is nothing tiny about its taste.The only Gin made from whole citrus fruits, such as white grapefruit, lime and orange.

Nose: Intense exotic red grapefruit and white grapefruit with jupier notes and hints of jasmine.

Palate: Juniper that stands out and lasts through the finish coriander and citrus notes like orange and lime.But what makes it different is that creamy character like vanilla and buttercream.

Aftertaste: Smooth, sweet and very long.

“Perfect Ten” 
60ml Tanqueray No. Ten 
20ml Martini Bianco 
Put all the ingredients in a shaker until they are mixed perfectly. Pour the mix in a chill martini glass ad use a grapefruit peel as garnish.

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Charles Tanqueray
Great Britain
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