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"TRES VENERABLE" was named for its venerable status, the maximum age to which cognac can improve.
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This blend of extremely old Grande Champagne cognacs has benefited from maximum barrel ageing. It expresses all the nobility of the truly great eaux-de-vie, when they reach the peak of their development.

The bouquet of this extremely old cognac is a subtle combination of finesse and elegance, lightness and intensity, excitement and tenderness. It is perfectly balanced and still crisp and fresh despite its age. On the palate, it reveals the same round mellowness, with an extraordinarily long finish, tinged with liquorice, containing the remarkable complexity and all the subtlety of truly great cognacs.

Growth: 100% Grande Champagne.

Blend: Blend of various old Grande Champagne cognacs.

Ageing: This blend of extremely old Grande Champagne cognacs has benefited from maximun barrel ageing, owing to their origin and then the blend itself, made at the end of the ageing period, is aged for two years more (marriage).

Style: Extraordinary delicacy in a rich flavourful cognac. Length, maturity and mellowness.

Bouquet: Power of the perfumes, length of the fragrance. Perfect balance between maturity of the bouquet and apparent lightness. Floral and spice aromas give way to complex scents of underwood, raisins, vanilla, liquorice, honey (rancio).

Savour: Fullness, deep maturity, extreme mellowness. Intense and complex fruitiness. Assertive yet tender fragrance.

Colour: Brilliant amber-topaz with a wonderful soft golden clarity.

Strength: 40% vol.


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