Cognac Reserve de la Famille, Delamain
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"LA RESERVE DE LA FAMILLE", an exceptionally rare cognac, the kind of cognac we reserve for our guests and friends, reveals the maturity of the rich fruit. The Family Reserve Cognac comes in a traditional bottle in an elegant wooden box.
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Product description

The original feature of this Grande Champagne, until very recently strictly reserved for members of our family and their guests, is that it is not a blend, but an eau-de-vie from a single barrel and from a single estate. This cognac has benefited from maximum barrel ageing, where by its alcoholic strength has dropped naturally, with only a simple adjustment to 43% vol. being required.

The magnificent deep, old amber colour is typical of these extremely old cognacs. The bouquet is powerful and long, offering an harmony of fragrances, with floral touches, a rarity for such an old cognac. The mellow roundness on the palate.

Growth: 100% Grande Champagne.

Origin: Selection from local growersdistillers.

Totally unblended: single vineyard and single cask.

Style: Our standard of perfection. Extraordinary delicacy in a rich flavourful cognac.

Bouquet and savour: From a cask to another one, the cognac is different but, to our mind, always a diamond of unmatched purity miraculously carved by nature.

Colour: Each cask imparts its own colour to the cognac: no regularity, but generally paler and more brilliant than most of the other top of the range cognacs.

Natural strength: 43% vol.


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