Aged vinegar from Assyrtiko 250ml, Gaia
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Our 5 YEAR AGED ASSYRTIKO VINEGAR brings together the traditional French recipe from Orleans and Italy’s Aceto Balsamico.
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Product description

Assyrtiko’s must, not selected for THALASSITIS, is separated into two equal parts that each one follows different courses. One part first becomes a dry wine which then is oxidized in 500lt oak casks, according to Orleans tradition.  The resulting vinegar ages in old oak barrels of 225lt for 4 years. The second part of the must is simmered over a low flame in copper cauldrons and reduced till it is thick, aromatic and a quarter of its initial volume. After 4 years the two parts are blended and the resulting sweet vinegar matures for 1 year in old 500lt oak barrels. 

This unique, sweet AGED ASSYRTIKO VINEGAR with a complex aromatic profile is bottled in elegant 250ml bottles without further procedures or filtering. Each crop only yields only 5,000 bottles! Enjoy it in frugal quantities.

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