Enjoy your stay at the villas of your dreams with the ideal company… wine, spirits, beverages and cigars are at your disposal with one click or one phone call through the new service of Cellier, “Cellier Villas”.". 

Share relaxing and carefree moments with your loved ones and make every minute of your vacations unforgettable… For sure, a terrace overlooking the endless blue, a swimming pool or a lush garden require the proper wine or drink to complete the enjoyable experience. 

Rely on our expert team for all your Wine, Spirits, Beverages and Cigar needs andimpress your loved ones with the perfect food & wine pairing and original homemade cocktails! 

Whatever you dream of, the “Cellier Villas” service completes it. 

Contact number  +30 211 444 4444 or via email at eshop@cellier.gr