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WineSkin bottle transport bag is a simple, effective and cost-conscious solution for safely transporting bottles.
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Product description

WineSkin is the revolutionary and time-tested product that provides safer transport for wine and fortified spirit products. Created with two strong brand-name adhesive seals, WineSkin secures 750-ml (or smaller) bottles for the trade and public by incorporating strong, shock-absorption materials with leak-proof confidence.

Just insert the bottle into WineSkin, activate the double seals, and you’re ready to pack your precious cargo into checked luggage. There’s nothing as simple as the peel-and-seal functionality of WineSkin with bubble-protection security. Simply insert the bottle into the WineSkin, then peel the inner seal and compress it against the protective outer vinyl covering. Then form-fit the balance of the WineSkin around the base of the 750ml bottle, and peel and stick the outer seal. It’s that simple!

Now your wine is ready for travel or transport with confidence.

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