Liqueur Φατουράδα ΦΙ
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The brand name of  our artisan liqueur “Φι» is inspired by the initial of the word Φατουράδα, that is “Φί» i.e. the 21st letter of Hellenic alphabet.
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Product description
Οur Vision Φί ‘ s creation  has been a long, hard, yet  inspiring voyage,  to “transform” a traditional  product  into an elegant, genuine branded spirit. Ιts creators have had the vision to revive the traditional homemade  recipe into a new  premium spirit with distinct personality, reflecting finesse, naturality, craftsmanship,  care and dedication to “the artisan” way of making things happen.     We use  “tsipouro”, a fine,  small-batch double  distillation marc grape spirit, distilled with care,  in a traditional copper pot still.    We use a unique blend of citrus fruits  to obtain the fruity  essence. Exclusively handpicked in the beginning of winter from a small  farm, the fruits are carefully peeled while still green,  at their aromatic peak.  The fresh  peels are  macerated in the fine base spirit,  in order to extract the highest concentration of their natural flavour in a slow and craft procedure. Cinnamon wood adds deeper dimensions of flavour.     
As Φι airs out, it immediately shows a fine balance of  complex aromatics of grape  and citrus fruit, expressed together with notes of sweet spices and incense. Φί is fragrant, delicious and well balanced, fresh and flavourful… Its personality is elegant and charming. Its sensual  taste reveals orange, bergamot , with a surprising twist of cinnamon and incense and long finish.   Enjoy Φί as apperitif or digestif. 
For cocktail lovers, Φί can become a new ingredient creating lovable flavors to those who seek new experiences full of pleasure. We have created two original cocktail recipes which you can see on  "Cocktails" page. You will find a perfect match of Φί with well as with coffee or tea.......experiment with your own ideas!
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