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Great baristas can devote their whole life in the pursuit of the perfect espresso. But you can simply push the button of X7.1 and, within seconds, all the secrets of the perfect coffee will be poured directly from your illy espresso machine into your cup.
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Amazing ease of use, amazing espresso: Francis X7.1 features the amazing benefits of the innovative iperespresso capsules system. Thanks to the legendary illy blend (9 selected varieties of 100% Arabica) and the patented two-stage extraction of iperespresso capsules, you can now enjoy at home an espresso identically perfect every single time: creamy, velvety, aromatic, always at the right temperature, as if it was created by an expert barista in a traditional Italian café.

Conventional espresso capsule systems can not offer you the unparalleled experience that the iperespresso system delivers. No other espresso or cappuccino machine can match the simplicity and the amazing result of iperespresso coffee machines.

Become a barista at home: Enjoy an exceptional ristretto, normale or lungo. Cool down your coffee with crushed ice and have a refreshing freddo espresso. Use the professional steam wand to create silky froth for an amazing cappuccino, latte or macchiato.

Try original Italian recipes and experience coffee as the highest expression of creativity, with illy Francis Francis X7.1, in your favorite white color.


  • Design by famous Italian architect Luca Trazzi, inspired by retro espresso coffee makers.
  • Elegant black color that perfectly matches the retro-modern design of X7.1
  • Milk frother steam wand (Pannarello type) for cappuccino, latte or macchiato
  • Cup warmer
  • 15-bar pressure pump
  • The most versatile espresso maker in the iperespresso range
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